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Powerjam has been awarded a
Civic Pride grant!

About the project

We are excited to announce that Powerjam Band Project has received a Civic Pride grant for our 'Powerjam 2022 Rock & Pop community performances for ages 9-18' project! The grant from the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Council, will help to fund the work Powerjam undergoes to showcase our young members hard work at our weekly rehearsals on the many borough stages they are invited to perform.  Each performance will feature between one and eight Powerjam bands.

Our bands' public performances entertain large local crowds at community events, schools, the youth centre, and festivals, bring a larger local audience to each event, promote community spirit, and help local venues and festivals generate income. By performing in from of enthusiastic crowds, our young people gain confidence, have fun safe places to go out and alleviate social and academic stress, giving opportunities for young guests to socialise and be inspired, as well as their families, and our young musicians the opportunity to showcase their hard work. It will also bring community awareness of the rich heritage.

ANNA TEXIER (Founder and co-director): "We are extremely proud our bands hard work and talent and our own work with young musicians over the past 8 years, and we are delighted that the Council has recognised Powerjam’s continued contribution to the community by providing amazing local entertainment and opportunities for young people to improve their skills, gain self-esteem, and have some fun!"


About Civic Pride

The Civic Pride Fund has the following aims.

1. Building capacity in our community: Using the skills and talents of local people to benefit the local community to: Enable local people to develop, agree and deliver their own responses to local issues; Have a greater say in the design and delivery of services and take advantage of opportunities to deliver services themselves; Tackle inequality and discrimination.
2. A borough to be proud of: Making public places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and building stronger communities through: Improving public spaces, including open space and gardens; Promoting the Borough’s culture, history and heritage; Celebrating our place in Europe - including our links with other communities in the UK and abroad.
3. Town and Neighbourhood Centre Initiatives: The Council is supportive of initiatives that promote the vitality of our town and neighbourhood centres.

4. Sport Initiatives: Projects should contribute to the priorities for sport and fitness, in particular: Provide more opportunities for adults or young people to take part in sport; Widen participation by targeting provision at low participant groups, particularly people with disabilities; Provide opportunities for competitive sport that develop pathways to support talented sports people.

Amount available: Up to £5,000 (or £1,000 for individuals or un-constituted groups).

More information
To talk through your ideas or if you require any other assistance please contact:

Harriet Steele
Senior Project Officer (Voluntary Sector)
Telephone: 020 8487 5259

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