Elizabeth Pass - Now I'm Falling EPK

Release Date: 1 December 2021

Now I'm Falling

At age 15, Elizabeth Pass, a singer-songwriter from SW London, submitted this winning song to the Powerjam Young Songwriter’s competition 2021.

"I remember my mum coming in to tell me and it just didn’t feel real! Working with Powerjam has been an incredible experience that opened up an entirely new world for me, as I was able to see first hand the work that goes into recording and producing a song at first hand. The fact that it was my own work made it even more special. I feel so proud of the song and grateful that the team loved it as much as I did."

Written during the pandemic, ’Now I’m Falling’  echoes the feeling of nostalgia for the simpler times and the intense desire to reconnect with someone you love. 

now I'm falling
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