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Maschina - Open Eyes EPK

Release Date: 27 October 2022

Open Eyes

Maschina is an exciting teen rock band from Powerjam, the local not-for-profit band project for 9-18 year old budding, serious, and disadvantaged musicians. The band’s sound fuses soulful vocal melodies and harmonies with intense, heavy instrumental sections. Maschina’s breathtaking original song, ‘Open Eyes’, out on all streaming platforms, was professionally recorded and released through Powerjam Recordings, a label that allows young musicians to retain full copyrights of their songs. The bands at Powerjam have collectively achieved over 300,000 streams of their songs across all streaming platforms since 2020 and have been played on various radio stations including BBC radio 6 and Riverside Radio. For more information about Maschina and Powerjam, follow Powerjam on Instagram and or at Facebook.

Maschina - Open Eyes ARTWORK.jpg

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