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Powerjam member registration
(September - December 2023)

Please make full registration payment to the following account (add your member's name as reference):

Powerjam (Lloyds Bank), Sort Code: 30-91-91, Account No.: 23108568


If there have been changes to any of the following info (or if you just joined and haven't sent it yet), please email us the following:   
- Any safeguarding issues (our Safeguarding Policy);
- Any health concerns/allergies;
- Member’s full name, date of birth, school, postcode, and local council (our Privacy Policy);
- Parent/carer email and phone number.


- I understand that rehearsals are mandatory due to the nature of gigging and that absences affect the band greatly and are highly disruptive. I agree to inform Powerjam of ANY FORESEEN absences and to make sure my young musician arrives on time at rehearsals, each week.

- I must give one full term’s notice if my member(s) will be leaving Powerjam anytime between September and July of a given school year as sudden departure impairs a band’s ability to perform the set list that they have been rehearsing, which affects other members of the band. 

- I understand if my member(s) leaves Powerjam within the first 2 weeks of the previous term, my deposit will be non-refundable (not applicable to new members who have a 2 week grace period);
- If another band member(s) leaves and we are either unable to find suitable replacements, your registration fee will be refunded pro rata, and we will contact you once we can accommodate them;

- I understand that any disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour from members or parents/carers towards our staff or any member of Powerjam will not be tolerated under any circumstances; 

- I understand that members are not guaranteed a place in a band based on previous participation;

- I agree to have my members(s) on WhatsApp band chats with a member of Powerjam staff and us to contact them directly in relation to Powerjam to facilitate the sharing of material, song choices, and general progress of the band. 


- I will ensure my member brings and wear ear plugs, and bring water at all sessions;

- I will ensure my member brings any necessary equipment to each gig (detailed in each band's gig links);

- I will ensure my member(s) understands that they must not share the bespoke Powerjam guide tracks, other teaching material, or rehearsal footage or audio. These have been created for your specific Powerjam member’s/bands’ personal use only and sharing this information could jeopardise the bands’ originality or appeal;

- I understand that Powerjam is not responsible for my member’s safety and whereabouts once they leave the Heatham House venue.


- I understand that Powerjam makes appropriate decisions regarding gigs (which bands meet organisers expectations and whether a band is ready and suitable for the gig ) and members and parents are expected to respect these decisions;

- I understand that Powerjam is not responsible for my member(s)’ safety and whereabouts at events when not onstage;

- Depending on the number of gigs a band gets and the nature of the gig, I understand that there could be an additional small fee incurred to the following term's fee to cover costs, unless Powerjam receives funding specifically for gigs, as has been the case in the past. 


- I agree with my members’ first names as well as videos, photos, and recordings of them to be used for promoting their bands on social media. We are not responsible for the sharing of content from our social media pages externally.

- I understand that my member’s band is a Powerjam band and I must inform Powerjam if my member(s) has been contacted regarding the booking of their band. This is important not only for safeguarding, but also to ensure that they have the best representation and conditions at all times. It is also for this reason we do not encourage bands to create their own band social media profiles (see below);

- I understand that a large amount of volunteer work goes into marketing and booking gigs for Powerjam bands and that my member(s) is expected to have the same level of focus and commitment to its Powerjam band. 


- I understand that my fees only cover the organisation and running costs of rehearsals. Anything associated with gigging (time spent liaising with organisers, booking, organising, planning, and executing gigs ) or marketing gigs/bands (including creating digital content) is made possible through a combination of volunteer work and outside funding we spend additional time applying for, for your benefit. Our ability to get funding to keep fees relatively low and also book gigs for your members is directly linked to the amount of engagement and number of followers we receive on our pages. By registering, you and your members are expected to contribute to the amount of behind the scenes work and effort we put into marketing and gig booking/executing, and agree to:

1) tag Powerjam’s appropriate handles on any related posts; 

2) interact (by liking and commenting) on our social media pages;

3) promote your members’ gigs;

4) invite friends and family to gigs;


Our social media handles are:

Instagram: @powerjam_band_project
Facebook: @PowerjamBandProject
YouTube: @powerjambandproject

Twitter: @PowerjamBands

TikTok: @powerjambands

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