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Nobody For President - Silhouette

Release Date: 14 March 2024


Nobody For President is an dynamic teen rock band (Daisy, Ethan, Henry, Sera, Alfie, & Lara) that have been gigging for over 6 years (from as early as 11 years old!) on some at the most popular SW London music festivals and venues. They were invited in 2022 to represent the UK at the International Teen Band Festival, ‘Come Together’, and have awed crowds and industry professionals such as Mike Rivers, owner of Crawdaddy Club (partly responsible for launching career of Rolling Stones). Silhouette is their third single and is an upbeat funk-rock song, whose lyrics depict a relationship in which one person is intentionally playing mind games with the other, leaving them feeling lost and disoriented. The singer perceives themselves as a mere shadow, or silhouette, in the other person’s eyes, feeling overlooked or undervalued. Despite knowing that things could be calmer elsewhere, they find themselves unable to break free from the storm of emotions.


Influences: The Rolling Stones, The Jets, Stevie Wonder , Bruno Mars.


Nobody For President is part of Powerjam Band Project, a unique not-for-profit band project based in SW London, UK for budding, serious, and disadvantaged young musicians. An exciting one-stop-shop for all young musicians, Powerjam is run by music industry pros who channel their experience to provide the infrastructure to enable young musicians to connect with one another, rehearse weekly, perform regularly, and professionally record their music. Marketing and releasing its bands’ songs on all streaming platforms, the Powerjam label allows all young musicians to retain full copyrights of their songs. 


Bands at Powerjam perform on over 25 stages throughout London each year at iconic venues such as Bush Hall and The Rose Theater, and festivals such as the Ealing Blues Festival, High Tide. Their music has aired on various radio stations including BBC Radio 6 and Riverside Radio.


For more information about Nobody For President, follow Powerjam on Instagram and or at Facebook.

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