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See what people say about Powerjam!

P. M.

Our music-mad son joined Powerjam last year when he was 16 and has gained so much from the weekly rehearsals, being put together with like-minded young people. He has grown enormously in confidence and to our surprise has turned into quite the performer, loving getting up on stage at the regular, very professionally-organised gigs. He has also started songwriting and his band are due to record and release their first original song, such an amazing opportunity. Anna, Andrei and the team put so much work into developing their young musicians, I wish we had discovered Powerjam sooner!

W. P.

We have 2 sons,11 and 12yrs, who have spent 3 years at Pjam, they have become confident and driven musicians. Pjam has given them musical focus and confidence to play live in front of packed audiences at well run events. They enjoy the rehearsals and have developed comradery, and are inspired by the elder bands. The organisers put lots of effort into the difficult job of arranging children into working bands and choosing and arranging songs for the bands to cover.

B. E.

Our daughter joined PowerJam about a year ago. The joy she has got from being able to express herself through music, with others in a professional but caring environment has resulted in her blossoming as a person too. The team at PowerJam put so much into providing the young people there an opportunity to develop as a band from rehersals to performances. I wish I had had access to something like this when I was a kid! If you are lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to join - you should grasp it with both hands.

H. D.

Powerjam is the place for any budding young musician who wants to be part of a band and perform on stages around London. Our son has just graduated from Powerjam after being with them and his band from the age of 12 to 18. He thoroughly enjoyed weekly song writing, rehearsals and regular performances with his bandmates, who have become lifelong friends. The level of professionalism and commitment from Anna, Andrei and the Powerjam team is second to none.

T. B.

PowerJam band project was introduced to us by a well known guitarist/vocalist and founder of one the the longest running annual festival in west London. Our children joined PowerJam about a year ago and have developed in every level expected. The weekly rehearsals are run in a relaxed, safe and encouraging environment by mentors who are passionate and well experienced in their fields. The sets are carefully chosen for each group and performed at good quality gigs through out the year; my children were even given the opportunity to participate at an international teen rock festival in New York!
Power jam has a record label that helps young musicians to record and release their original songs and also enables them to retain full copyright over their original songs.
Since joining PowerJam, my children have improved their stage performance and self expressions and were able record an original song which is due to be released soon.
We feel very lucky to have found power jam and could not recommend them more.

M. G.

PJ has been so fantastic for our 12 year old son - he's been supported, inspired and empowered - such a fantastic opportunity for him thank you so much


Mike Rivers (The Crawdaddy Club promoter and The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Elton John, The Who career launcher)

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Anna and the talented young musicians who never fail to surprise me in a good way!

M. K.

My son is extremely happy with Powerjam. He started a year ago and he has thoroughly enjoyed all the gigs, Words cannot describe how Powerjam has changed my sons life, he has gained a lot of confidence and experience,  and has progressed massively in his music. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us!

H. D.

The confidence it’s given my son, it’s changed him. These are amazing creative workshops. The members really love them. When you get bands that gel together like the bands do at Powerjam, it’s incredible to watch and they’re getting tighter and tighter with each gig we watch. I think it will help these members in the future in many many different ways, whether they stay in music or not. 

R. J.

We have really enjoyed Powerjam. The organization is superb,  L is given the opportunity to use both her instruments (guitar and piano) which was great for her musical development. The pieces chosen are contemporary and complex, and sound amazing at the gigs  I think L also enjoys having friends outside of her school with a shared interest and goal. I only had a glimpse of the amount of consideration and patience and organisation that went into getting the best out of each child, but I imagine there was a lot more of it behind the scenes and I am so grateful. I would love to see it continue.

M. B.

Powerjam is absolutely brilliant. The enthusiasm and passion of Anna and all the coaches is very inspiring. M loves being in the studio rehearsing and playing with the others. It’s brought fun and excitement to learning the drums which, as a beginner, has really encouraged him. We were so impressed when we heard them all play at the gig! He’s really improved as a drummer.”  

V. W.

J. loves Powerjam. She really enjoys singing as part of a band and working with the tutors (who she thought were 'cool'). It's been her absolute favourite extra- curricular activity bar none! Thanks so much for Powerjam!

A. S.

L has always loved music fiddling with the guitar, but she had never had formal lessons and definitely never had the opportunity to play music with others. She really looks forward to Powerjam every week and since joining is so much more confident, has made friends in the band, and finally feels a part of something. I don’t know how to better put it except that she is just a happier girl in general thanks to Powerjam. When she came back last night after the gig, she was just buzzing!

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